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The Marriage Pact Series

When you’re eighteen, in college, and hanging with your best friends, it’s not unusual to make life decisions while drinking illicit beer, eating tortilla chips, and downing candy-coated chocolates. Meghan, Maddison, Addison, Jessica and Natalie decided together they could take on the world, or at least the male portion of their college’s student body. Their idea, a marriage pact. They’d spend their free time helping each other hunt for the perfect husband.

Their pact seemed like a great idea while buzzed on beer, but life has a way of tossing out plot twists and messing up even the best laid plans.

Six years have passed since graduation, and things haven’t worked out quite as expected. But when Meghan takes an interest in a new man, it’s time to revisit their pact and help each other find their happily ever after.

Book 1—The Art of Second Chances

Just when did ambition become a bad word?

Ambition is Dylan Bradshaw’s middle name. Growing up it was just him and his mom, living on a shoestring and tackling life together. By the time he graduated from college, he’d decided they would never be poor again.

For Meghan Harrison’s husband, ambition led to tragedy. His death left her reeling. She built a simple and safe life as a widowed artist, shielding herself from the goals and desires lurking in her own heart.

Meghan’s emotional artwork lures Dylan to her. Dylan’s magnetism draws Meghan in. She refuses to sell her artwork to him. He won’t take no for an answer.

He’s a persistent man. She’s reluctant to give her heart again, but she can’t deny their attraction.

Can she put aside her grief and imagine a second chance at love?


Book 2—The Instant Family Algorithm

What are the odds of falling for a lying jerk twice in one lifetime?

Maddison Thompson met, married, and divorced a lying jerk. Her greatest joy, her beautiful daughter, Hailey, came from that catastrophic union. She’s in no hurry to find a new man, but she does need a new job and security for Hailey.

Parker Reilly is no stranger to responsibility. He’s cared for his brother and sister since they were still in diapers and he was too young to drive. He already raised a family. A family of his own isn’t in the cards. His virtual reality company is now his baby.

Parker needs a talented software engineer. Maddie has mad coding skills. After a rocky interview, he hires her, ignoring the spark of attraction between them.

They’re just coworkers, or they are until her lips find their way to his.

Can they find the algorithm to create an instant family?

The False Lives Series


Money can hide skeletons in dark closets. Intellect can shed light on lies.

What you see is rarely what you get. When dangerous secrets are mixed with love and lust, the truth must be exposed with care because pain locked in the past has a way of seeping into the present when you least expect it.

Tyler Jameson and his partners, Bradley Sutton, Liam Donnelly, and Ryder Michaels command a powerful conglomerate, but when it comes to matters of the heart, these playboys lack substance. Flings and one-night stands have little to do with love. Romance isn’t on their radar, but if the right woman lands in their path and blocks their forward momentum, they’re smart enough to stop and check them out.

Tyler is the first to fall victim to love when a Senator’s daughter, a woman with a traumatic past, worms her way passed his defenses. Together, Tyler and Brianna Whitman must solve the mystery that disrupted her life before that secret destroys their chance at happiness.